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E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING: Leading the ADU Revolution in Los Altos

Los Altos, with its picturesque settings and innovative spirit, is a city that harmoniously blends tradition with modernity. At E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING, we echo this ethos in our approach to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). As Los Altos premier ADU specialists, we craft homes that honor the city’s architectural legacy while embracing the future of sustainable living.

ADUs: The New Blueprint for Urban Living in Los Altos

Accessory Dwelling Units, known by many as in-law units, secondary homes, or backyard apartments, are standalone housing units established within properties containing existing primary residences. They are the golden standard for optimizing space, flexibility, and value in urban homes.

Why ADUs Resonate with Los Altos Residents

1. Economic Advantage: Los Altos real estate market is thriving. By integrating ADUs, homeowners can tap into additional sources of rental income or boost their property’s market value.
2. Diverse Utilization: From an independent home office to housing for extended family members, ADUs can be customized to serve a multitude of purposes.
3. Eco-conscious Living: ADUs, due to their compact nature, inherently have a reduced carbon footprint, aligning seamlessly with Los Altos green initiatives. 

E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING’s Dedication to Excellence in ADU Development

– Holistic Consultation: Our journey with clients begins by understanding their visions, advising on Los Altos ADU regulations, and exploring the potential of their space.
– Personalized Design: Every Los Altos property has its own story. We make this narrative shine through in our ADU designs, ensuring harmony in function and aesthetics.
– Impeccable Construction: Quality isn’t just a benchmark but our baseline. We utilize top-notch materials and contemporary construction methodologies to ensure durability and refinement in every ADU.

Essentials for ADU Endeavors in Los Altos Undertaking an ADU project requires attention to:

– Local Zoning & Permits: Los Altos has its set of guidelines concerning ADU dimensions, placement, and more. Our seasoned team is adept at simplifying these intricacies for homeowners.
– Design Synchrony: The ADU should complement both the primary dwelling and the broader neighborhood ambiance. We pride ourselves in sculpting ADUs that achieve this balance.
– Investment Insight: We appreciate the financial commitment involved in ADU projects. Hence, we offer clear cost structures and insights into potential returns to assist our clients.

Elevate Your Living Experience with E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING

With a steadfast commitment to architectural brilliance and a pulse on Los Altos essence, E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING is your ultimate ADU partner. Become a part of Los Altos modern housing movement and experience the unparalleled advantages of ADUs.


Los Altos stands as a testament to how communities can evolve while staying true to their roots. ADUs, in their essence, capture this sentiment – marrying tradition with innovation. E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING, with its expertise and dedication, is poised to guide Los Altos residents on their ADU journey, crafting spaces that are not just homes but legacies. Engage with us, and together, let’s shape the future of housing in Los Altos.

Diverse ADU Options for Varied Needs 

To provide a clear overview of the different ADU styles and their unique advantages, here’s a table summarizing the same:

ADU Atherton
ADU TypeAverage SizeIdeal ForSpecial Features
Detached ADU600-1,200 sq. ft.Homeowners with spacious lotsEntirely separate from the main house
Attached ADU500-1,000 sq. ft.Those looking to extend their current home structureShares a boundary with the primary dwelling
Garage Conversion ADU400-850 sq.ft.Those repurposing unused garage spaceMakes efficient use of existing structures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What makes ADUs in Los Altos different from other cities?
Ans: Each city has its unique zoning and permitting regulations. Los Altos has specific guidelines and requirements that tailor ADUs to its community’s needs, ensuring they fit seamlessly into the local landscape.

2. Is there a limit to the size of an ADU I can build in Los Altos?
Ans: Yes, Los Altos has size restrictions based on the type of ADU and the total area of the property. E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING’s experts can provide specific details based on your property.

3. What are the costs involved in building an ADU in Los Altos?
Ans: Costs can vary based on design, size, materials, and other factors. It’s best to consult with E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING for a tailored quote and guidance on potential financial returns.

4. Can I rent out my ADU for short-term stays or platforms like Airbnb?
Ans: Rental guidelines can vary. While ADUs can generally be rented out, short-term rental policies might differ. E&E CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING can offer insights specific to Los Altos regulations.

5. Do ADUs impact property values in Los Altos?
Ans: Typically, ADUs can enhance property values by offering additional living space or potential rental income. However, the specific impact can vary based on various factors, including the ADUs quality and design.


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I was impressed with E&E’s meticulous attention to detail. They made sure every aspect of our home renovation was executed flawlessly, from the tiniest trim to the overall design.

Allison. C

What started as a simple renovation turned into an incredible transformation thanks to E&E. They went above and beyond, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Tony. M

We needed our home remodel done quickly, and E&E delivered. They met all deadlines, and we moved back into our newly renovated space ahead of schedule.

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We had a unique vision for our home, and E&E embraced it. They worked closely with us to create custom solutions that perfectly matched our style.


We found out about E&E through recommendations from neighbors, and now we’re recommending them to everyone we know. Their reputation in the community speaks for itself.

Steve .C

Our project had a few unexpected challenges, but E&E adapted seamlessly. They showed flexibility and problem-solving skills that ensured a successful outcome.

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We’ve worked with several contractors in the past, but E&E stands out for their reliability. They completed our renovation on schedule and with complete transparency throughout the process

I’m happy we found them!”

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The attention to detail and craftsmanship displayed by E&E is remarkable. Our kitchen remodel was executed flawlessly, and it’s now our favorite room in the house.

Nuri B

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