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Are you planning a DIY kitchen project that has you all excited? Do you want to give your kitchen spaces a personalized makeover? It is a great idea to upgrade the storage and then update the entire kitchen with kitchen remodeling San Jose.

You can even create more storage space with this slight modification. However, DIY is not as simple as it sounds. You might need to go through several aspects before you finalize the the theme and upgrades needed for the kitchen.

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Let’s get started with the steps you must follow for a perfect DIY space upgrade.

1. The first step is to install a backsplash for the kitchen. This is an important inclusion as the kitchen will stay protected from the umpteen splashes and spills. You will note that this will keep the kitchen clean. In fact, it can also help with clean off the spills in the kitchen.

a. Before you start adding the backsplash, you must consider the space and measure it properly. You can begin kitchen remodeling Santa Clara by calculating the exact number of tiles you need to prepare the space for backsplash. You can measure the entire space properly before you call in for the particular splashes. The second step is preparing the area to install the backsplash. You must consider cleaning the space and remove dirt/debris if any. This would ensure the space is ready to embrace the backsplash.

b. The second part of the job is to plan the layout for the backsplash. You must consider the size and shape of the tiles. You can also consider the patterns and designs that you aim to use for the designs. Lastly, take a painter’s tape to mark the layout.

c. Next step in kitchen remodeling San Jose is to use the adhesive along the stretch of the tile. You can use it along small sections at a time. now press the backsplash tiles firmly in place. You can also use the spacers to determine the inconsistency between tiles.

d. You must cut the tiles around the corners using the tile cutter to ensure it is of the size that fits into the space. You can use safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself while fitting the tiles.

e. Lastly, you must apply grout along the spaces between the tiles. You must ensure proper angle for the fit. Wipe away the excess grout. This would help you keep the backsplash in place.

2. Once you are done with the backsplash, you must invest in painting the cabinets. This is the next step towards updating the kitchen. If your cabinets are pretty good but need an upgrade in terms of aesthetics, you can go with painting them. there are a few things to complete while painting them.

a. Start by removing the hardware and cleaning the spaces. You must remove the residues, grease, dirt and grime on the cabinets.

b. You can sand these surfaces to roughen up the finish. You can apply a coat of primer using a brush and then let it dry.

c. Make sure to apply paint to the hardware using a high-quality brush. You can use thin coats for the purpose. Lastly, you must add detailed coats and reassemble the cabinets. You just managed to upgrade the kitchen cabinets.

3. Lastly work on the kitchen island to make way for a great kitchen remodeling Santa Clara outcome.

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